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What is a Trixie bet?

Among the bet types, most of the pros use, is the one called Trixie bet. Trixies are bets consisted of 3 games. What is different than the parlay, is that you can win even if you lose one of these games. And if you win all of them, you gain a much bigger profit than just having played them as an Acca bet.

How is the Trixie calculated?

You play 3 events and you choose the Trixie type. This means that you play the treble plus the 3 doubles that are included in this treble! So, you actually play 4 bets in one! This, of course, makes your bet a little bit more expensive. But the good news is that even if you miss one, you still win! So, if you lose one of your games, you still win 1 double!

Real Example

Let’s say we play the following 3 games:

  1. Real Madrid – Barcelona, DRAW, 3.2
  2. Liverpool – Manchester United, HOME, 2.5
  3. Milan – Inter, DRAW, 3.4

We choose the Trixie type and we see that we have 4 bets to play. So, if our stake is 1, the final cost will be four. This is because we actually play the following combinations:

which are 4 bets in total. If we are victorius in all of them, we gain one treble (here 3.2×2.5×3.4 = 27.2 worth of odds!) plus the 3 combinations of doubles. But if we lose one game, then we only get one double, because this will be the only available winning combination then.

Best way to play the Trixie

After our example, everyone can understand that a Trixie is best used for higher odds. That is because, when you missed an event, the only Double winning combination available must be high enough to compensate for your 4 times higher cost of the bet. In our example, the lowest winning combo would be 1-2 which by itself gives us a total odds of 8 and this is already double our stake! So, in our case, the high cost of our bet is worthy!

Calculate your bets online

Here, we offer you a nice and easy to use calculator for you to play and experiment with, so you are always in the value side of betting!

You Total Cost:


Your Tremble Wins:


Your First Double Wins:


Your Second Double Wins:


Your Third Double Wins:


Your Total Win is:

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