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Best over/under goals betting strategy

There are many reasons why you should bet on goals. First of all there is an early pay waiting for you. Your bet will be immediately settled just when the wanted goal will be scored and you don’t have to wait till the end of the game. Given of course that you have chosen the over option. Secondly it is much easier. Or at least it seems so. That’s why especially inexperienced bettors prefer to bet on goals. And still they ask. How do you win over under in betting?

There are paths than you need to follow. Strategies that you need to understand before starting applying them. In this guide we will present you the very basic ones.  Choose the strategy you like or suits better to your type of play and stick with it until the end. The win will come a little closer to you.

Over 0.5 goals betting strategy

There are variations here. The progressive betting system and late goals. 

On progressive you back over 0.5 goals on matches where you expect goals at 1.20+ odds with a portion of your stake till you double it and then withdraw the added winnings.

Late goals or the over 0.5 live betting strategy is mostly based on motivation. Experience bettors are use it on last matchdays of championships or group stages. The whole concept behind this strategy is to find the motivation in one match. If for example Peterborough and Bristol Rovers are fighting for the 6th place of League One and they desperately need the win. After the 70th the match is a tie, not convenient at all for both clubs. So they must increase their effort to score. That means pay less attention to defense and just try to score. The over 0.5 at that point should be at odds 1.72 or more. Just when it gets over odds 1.80 it is your time to bet.       

The betting over 0.5 strategy for in-play is based mostly on motivation, but you do have to check the scoring ability of both teams as well. And then you are ready to participate in the most exciting part of on-line wagering. 

Over 1.5 football betting strategy

Patience is a virtue as you probably already know. Now it’s time to show that virtue during your betting procedure. Let us see how we can use it at the most popular betting on goals strategy

The general idea is to find two attacking teams facing each other. Make sure to check the stats that the chosen teams score largely in the second half. Watch the match and don’t place the bet until the time is right. That is before the 28th minute. If the stats won’t lie at this occasion and the teams fulfill the pre-game prediction simply means that you have some extra money at your bankroll. Why? Because the bookmaker would have the odds for over 2.5 goals extremely low, as he has to do with teams that score easily. So as time passes and still no score on the match he will start changing the odds and the lines. So he will offer you the over 1,5 goals at the same odds he had in pre-game for the over 2.5 goals. So wait a little bit more and take advantage of this sifting. 

If they do score, then you can put in use the lay under 1,5 goals strategy. You back the lay option and you wait until the odds will drop and give you some profit. The more you wait the more you win. Remember that we don’t gamble here. Judging from the game you must drop out when you are feeling that your stake is been threatened. 

Over 2.5 goals strategy

The best strategy here is to find some valued odds during pre-match and wait for the 10-15th minute before you place a live bet. That is if you like to get higher odds than the ones offered in pre-game markets. Not much of a strategy, but you do have to pay extremely close attention to the statistics. You have to know about important details of the teams. For example, if the teams are scoring more in the second half than the first, how do they score in home/away matches, if they have key-players absences etc. Over 2.5 goals system is a very simple system actually. The only requirement is to be able to interpret correctly all the available stats and facts. The over 2.5 goals trading strategy on the other hand is much more sophisticated. And thus it is not preferred by many punters. It also requires a betting exchange account. But if you do it correctly then the profit could be huge in long terms. If for example you back an over 2.5 goals bet with €100 at odds 2.10 and a goal comes just the moment you did expect to happen during the first half (given that your statistics helped you predict the time range) then the odds will drop at nearly 1.35. Now all you have to do is lay the over 2.5 goals position at these odds. The stake depends on how much you need to win or you are willing to put in this leverage. 

Note that the scenario could be considered ideal but only if the goal comes at the expected moment. If for example it will be conceded near the end of the first half or at the beginning of the second, the odds probably will remain near the ones you backed. So there is no chance for trading here.    

Under 2.5 goals betting strategy

This is a relatively mixed strategy. You must pick two defensive teams, place an under 2.5 bet pre match and back the over 0.5 for the first ten minutes with one tenth of your under stake. If a goal is scored within the first 10 minutes, you have guaranteed your stake. If the score is 0-0 after ten minutes you need to trade your bet to make a profit. Under 2.5 goals exit strategy is not applying here. 

It is not like any other over under 2.5 goals strategy. It is more like trusting your stats and that they will come true in the end. 

Backing under 3.5 goals

A rather long term strategy is backing under 3.5 goals. It is actually quite simple and effective one. It goes like this. You choose a match between two low scoring teams. You wait for the match to start and only if there is a goal at the first 30 minutes then you back the under 3.5 option. You ‘ll see profit within 10 minutes, but only if a goal won’t be conceded at that point. The catch on this scenario is that there isn’t a plan b or potential exit in this bet. 

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